Hello! My name is Sam, and this is my pagan/witchcraft blog. I am looking for friends with which to share experiences, laughs, and spells.

I am still figuring things out for myself, and any guidance or support are greatly appreciated.

If I ever say anything inappropriate or incorrect, please call me out on it so I may apologize and correct myself.

As promised, here are photos of my altar! After being down for a few weeks now, I’m very happy to have it back up. 

This altar is focused mostly on Hermes (if that wasn’t obviously by the not 1, not 2, but 3 Hermes statues), but it does have little altarpieces for other Gods that I feel connections with as well.

The wreath is mounted on the wall, and atop it sits a toy owl which represents Athena guiding me with her wisdom. Hanging down into the middle of the wreath is a spinning caduceus, for Hermes, trying to show him that he is the focal God of my altar. Mirror shards and feathers are weaved into the wreath, for Aphrodite and Athena. On the left of the altar is my athame and a black offering plate showing the Parthenon (both Greece souvenirs). Behind it are statues of Hermes and Athena. The clear triangular bottle hold bubble suds and mirrors (Aphrodite), the yellow circular bottle is a laurel leaf in olive oil (Apollo), and the green bottle on the right is full of rounded stones, sea shells, and cattle teeth (Poseidon). My libations container is a handcrafted jug with a painting of Hermes and Dionysus on it together. 

And, finally, my wooden offering plate is at the front. I’ve left a generic offering of olive oil for whomever may want it, at the moment, and I was burning incense to make the spot feel sacred again.