Hello! My name is Sam, and this is my pagan/witchcraft blog. I am looking for friends with which to share experiences, laughs, and spells.

I am still figuring things out for myself, and any guidance or support are greatly appreciated.

If I ever say anything inappropriate or incorrect, please call me out on it so I may apologize and correct myself.

Add me for the Easter event. We’ll both get more eggs! I play every day, usually several times.

Origins username Speaks4geeks.


the luna | a mix for a women more wolf then girl, skin that threatens to burst and the forest cooing softly in her ear, beckoning her to become her true form and hunt through the night. but by day she must hide in clothing and idle chat before she can be free by the sunset. a shewolf mix. | listen
// 001. wolf, tailor // 002. willow tree march, the paper kites // 003. me and the devil, soap&skin // 004. howl, florence + the machine // 005. let it go, the neighbourhood // 006. wolf, first aid kit // 007. no angels ft. ella, bastille // 008. l’il red riding hood, amanda seyfried // 009. night terror, laura marling // 010. dirty paws, of monsters and men // 011. skin, zola jesus // 012. i followed fires, matthew and the atlas // 013. atlas hands, benjamin francis leftwich // 014. the wolf, fever ray // 015. winter, daughter //

I can’t get past the eyes.

Ignaz Unterberger. Hebe Jovis Aquilae Nectar minstrans (Hebe holding a cup of Nectar to Jupiter in the form of an Eagle). 1796.



You don’t need herbs to do spells.
You don’t need candles to do spells.
You don’t need a pentagram, a wand, a cauldron.

Magic is so much more than the right tools and accessories. 

Globe Bottle Ring

Think of the witchcraft, though.

Got a new addition to my altar today in honor of the date and Dionysus. :)
Added these red-tailed hawk talons to my altar today.