Hello! My name is Sam, and this is my pagan/witchcraft blog. I am looking for friends with which to share experiences, laughs, and spells.

I am still figuring things out for myself, and any guidance or support are greatly appreciated.

If I ever say anything inappropriate or incorrect, please call me out on it so I may apologize and correct myself.

Added these red-tailed hawk talons to my altar today.

charm to light a fire under your ass





- seven matches

- thread (red)

tie the matches into a bundle. strike them and hold them upright. as they burn out, think “let this fire motivate me.”

keep it in your back pocket.

I feel that while this will quickly get one…



Officially the witchiest sounding thing I have in my ingredients chest:

hawk veins.

Ohhh what could you use it for…

Well if I can’t find any resources on magickal properties of stuff like that, I will probably use it in something made for Hermes. :3 I associate Him with them heavily.

Officially the witchiest sounding thing I have in my ingredients chest:

hawk veins.

Every time I make this request, things seem to be getting more dire.


The past two months have gone rapidly downhill for me. At the end of January, I was having trouble finding myself with any extra money after my necessary bills were paid. Now, in the beginning of March, I’m being hit double with car payments and insurance payments (paying off the balance for my ruined vehicle and starting up on payments for the new one). Altogether, my rough estimate at the moment comes out to more than I make in a month. This isn’t factoring in food or gas.

The bottom line is, I can’t survive off of what I make a month now, nor can I expect my boyfriend to let me float. He can cover more of the expenses than I can, but he can’t cover everything. What’s more, I need to buy a whole range of new things. I need to replace most all of my clothes (I spent most of my Friday afternoon repairing holes in shirts that are several years old, and show it. I own one pair of jeans pants that fit me that aren’t for work. I do not own a single pair of shoes that does not exacerbate my back pain.

I need to go to the doctor to help improve my mental health situation (I am suffering from untreated depression and I am concerned about fibromyalgia), but I am unable to, because even though I have health insurance, I don’t have any money to cover the copay for an appointment.

I don’t have any family who can help me at this point in time.

It isn’t a question of me staying here or becoming homeless, but the truth of it is, my life is about to get a great deal more difficult and uncomfortable. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to manage to pay all these bills without racking up even more credit card debt than I already have. I don’t know what else to do.

All this in mind, I want to remind everyone again that I do witchcraft and divination for profit. I mostly do tarot readings, but I also do pendulum q&a sessions and will make customized sigils for witchcrafty purposes.

Here is a list of offered services.

I used to have listed prices, but at this point, I’m opening it up for donations—pay me whatever you are able or willing to.

All money donated will go to helping me cover my bills, and, hopefully, the necessities I’m unable to purchase at the moment.


Sunrise over the mangroves by T Travel